Hello, thanks for joining us at the business-to-business web site of Astrology Enterprises Limited a premier supplier of horoscope and psychic digital services, worldwide.

We provide a highly professional, complete multimedia solution, that will perfectly match your needs whatever your plaform, be it sparkling, inspiring content or revenue generating premium services.

We also provide the content in a way, where it can be speedily integrated into your website or mobile or social networking platform. So whether you simply want a single horoscope content feed, or something more sophisticated  we are here to help!

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Horoscope Content

We provide Horoscope Feeds for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. Written in an upbeat, vibrant way by a team of gifted writers experienced and knowledgeable in the field of Astrology...

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Personal Horoscope Store

We can build you your very own White Label Personal Horoscope Store, styled to match the branding of your website and will work on all devices enabling you to sell horoscope reports...

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Horoscope Videos

We can offer you Horoscope Videos, styled to match the branding of your website or Youtube channel that will truly engage with visitors to your website or channel...

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Psychic Content

We provide Live Psychic Readers to supplement your Horoscope Content, for your customers interested in the esoteric guidence of astrology, psychic and tarot, can call a professional 24/7...

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Feeds in RSS, XML and JSON

We provide content in a variety of ways including RSS, XML and JSON making it easy to include our content in your next Smartphone App, Social Media App or on your Website...

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Tarot Content

To Compliment our Horoscope and Psychic packages our Tarot Content is both unique and upbeat. It is available as a JSON, RSS, XML feeds or as a Widget...

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